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In the UK a substantial number of people die and others are injured in domestic fires every year, many from smoke inhalation. It is widely accepted that those deaths and injuries would be significantly reduced by installing and maintaining smoke alarms within dwellings.

NJM Electrical install mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up facilities, so you can be assured you home and business premises will be protected in the event of a fire.

NJM Electrical Huddersfield can install one or multiple smoke detectors to cover any property size. Multiple smoke detectors in a property can be inter-linked, so that when one detector can set of the other detectors, protecting everyone and covering the whole building. 

Please see the below features of our mains powered smoke detectors;

  • Quick response to fast flaming fires
  • Unique and proven long life ionisation smoke chamber
  • Alkaline battery supplied already connected to reduce installation erors (does not draw power until alarm is fitted to the mounting plate)
  • Hush button for false alarm control
  • Interconnects with other Ei mains powered smoke and heat alarm
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs
  • Time and money saving Easi-fit design
  • Protective dust cover supplied
  • 5 year guarantee

Where are self-contained smoke alarm systems required?

Self contained smoke alarms are needed in all new dwellings and often in extensions to existing dwellings. Smoke detectors are also needed in loft or attic conversions.

Self contained smoke alarms are not recommended for use in areas such as kitchens, garages or places where steam, condensation or fumes could give rise to false alarms. More appropriate and effective detectors are available for such instances. e.g. heat detectors.

NJM Electrical only employ qualified electricians, so you can be assured your smoke alarm will be installed correctly. 

Location of smoke alarms

A high standard of protection can be provided by installing detectors in the kitchen and lounge areas. In a single storey 2/3 bedroom dwelling, a single smoke detector may be adequate if sited in the main circulation area.
In a typical two storey dwelling, smoke detectors should be installed both at ground and at landing levels. Therefore at least two smoke alarms will be required, one usually at the foot of the stairs ( or hallway ) and one on the upper landing. In the picture below you can see detectors placed in the ground floor lobby and also the 1st floor landing.

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NJM Electrical will install your Smoke Detectors in the most appropriate locations to give maximum coverage.

What is CO & why does it need to be monitored?

Carbon Monoxide is an invisible, odourless, tasteless and extremely toxic gas that, if inhaled, can cause serious ill effects - justifying its name as 'The Silent Killer'. CO is readily absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood - approximately 240 times more efficiently than oxygen. This causes serious damage to the heart and brain from oxygen starvation. To protect your family or business, you should ask a qualified electrician to install a Carbon Monoxide Detector - to monitor the carbon monoxide levels on your property and alert you if this raises above safe levels.  

Fitting a Carbon Monoxide Detector

The alarms that NJM Electric supply and install are designed to provide reliable mains powered CO detection. The unit is designed with performance in mind. Useful and practical features such as the built in pattress with integral terminal block and CO gas quick-test feature ensure straightforward installation and testing.

Please see the below features of our standard carbon monoxide dector:

  • Proven Electrochemical Cell CO sensor module, minimum 5 year life
  • Kite marked to BS EN 50291: 2001
  • Automatic self diagnostics
  • Easy to use test/hush button
  • Distinctive alarm sound is easily distinguishable from a smoke/heat alarm
  • Pre alarm warning - alarm LED will flash
  • Memory feature - indicates last recorded CO level
  • Quick CO gas test feature - saves time and money
  • LED indicators for power, CO level and fault status conditions
  • Built-in pattress with integral terminal block and surface wiring knockout
  • Fixing kit included
  • Full technical specification sheet available on request
  • Manufacturers 5 year guarantee

What are the effects of CO poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can have a very serious, even fatal, effect on the body. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that a relatively low level of CO exposure for a prolonged period can have the same effect as a high level of CO exposure for a short period. A major problem is that the symptoms of CO poisoning can easily be confused with other common illnesses - such as cold and flu.