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Landlord Services

Electrical Installation Condition Report

A Electrical Installation Condition Report ( EICR ) is an official document that is produced following an assessment on a electrical installation, either domestic, commercial or industrial premises. The frequency would depend on the type of premises. It is now a legal requirement ( from July 1st, 2020 ) to supply new tenants with this report. Shortly it will become a requirement for landlords   ( from 1st April, 2021 ) to supply existing tenants a copy of this report. It is recommended that for domestic rentals these reports are carried out by a competent registered electrician every 5 years. To summarise a copy of the most recent safety report ( EICR ) should be provided to both new and existing tenants.

Recomendations for Landlords

1. Ensure that your rental property is visually inspected prior to new tenants even if you have a up to date ECICR on the property.

2. Ensure your property has adequate RCD protection.

3. Carrying out regular checks on appliances that are provided by the Landlord under the tenancy agreement. this can be achieved by Portable Appliance Testing ( PAT Testing ). More details regarding our PAT Testing service can be found by clicking here.

4. Ensure that all smoke / fire detection systems are periodically reported and tested and that they are tested prior to new tenants.

Energy Performance Certificate

If you are a Landlord it is now a legal requirement that before you take on a new tenant or renew an existing contract with a tenant that you have a EPC inspection carried out. You must have an official EPC rating of E or above. To improve your rating would recommend upgrading all lights to dedicated LED fittings or Lamps. Contact us now for more free advice on how to improve your EPC rating. You can contact us by clicking here.

Register Your Appliances

If you are providing electrical appliances as part of your rental agreement you should register your appliances with the manufacturer. This ensures that if there are any future problems or recalls with these appliances the manufacturer will contact you to advise you. You should also encourage your tenants to register their appliances separately. More information regarding this can be found by clicking here.